Community Care 

In order for a community to be sustainable and thriving - it needs to be healthy. Through programmings such as Wilkinsburg Fresh Market and CommunityCare, we are building a healthy community through health equity and literacy.

Wilkinsburg Fresh Market was founded through a partnership with Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, 412 Food Rescue, and Farmers to Families Program to provide free fresh produce distribution in Wilkinsburg.  Weekly, we provide fresh produce from local farmers at no cost to community members. Through this market, we also encourage healthy meal preparations and education on nutrition.

CommunityCare Wilkinsburg - Civically is partnering with Grounded, a nonprofit that uses the land as a medium for community change. CommunityCare is an incentive-based stewardship program that works with residents to beautify their neighborhoods. We provide resources, tools, and hands-on support. In the winter months, we will meet on a monthly basis to learn more about the history of urban vacant land and how to respond to environmental challenges.

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